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UPartyQueen's natural pain relief cream and sleep aid is used and trusted by families and individuals all across America. These 2 specific products were requested by too many clients to turn down the opportunity to create something that would satisfy the need for you to be pain free with ease and in some cases reverse the cause of pain all together.


Option 1: Pain cream for day time so you can use it while being active


Option 2: Pain cream mixed with sleep aid. Pain Free sleep rested for 6-8 hours straight. Wake up refreshed and ready for the day.


Soaks in fast and works for 6-8 hours or longer


All natural NO CBD or THC is used

Clients switch products claiming this pain cream works better.


Shea Butter: no artificial dyes or colors added. Ever. Period.



Our bodies are connected like a tree to have flow everywhere. Keeping that in mind, these products work on the whole body even if you just add the pain cream to your wrists when your back hurts.


This pain cream goes under the surface and into places like tendons and nerve centers and carries the oils into tissues, giving you pain relief in moments.


Typical uses:

Swelling and aches and pains



Bruises and tight muscles

Before and after the gym

Before surgery option

After having surgery

After stroke

Menstrual cramps

Tention headaches

Pinched nerves


Missing cartilage

Slipped disks

and more


Each tin is aprox 2.5 oz



Pure African Shea Butter

Peppermint Essesntial Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Eucalyptous Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Night Time

French Lavender



~Simply put, it's a healing spell created by the magic of the Creator and given to UPartyQueen to use while she lives on Earth.


Please do not use if pregnant


PS. These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

Natural Pain Relief Cream | Sleep Aid

  • If for some reason your lovely product was damaged please reach out. The tins are meant to be leak resistant.

    If it's hot where your product was delivered, let it sit and harden in the fridge or room temp for a bit till it hardens, approxamately 40 minutes.  Please do not store in freezer. 



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