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  • Awaken Your Soul

    Every month
    Option for personal soul and life coaching offered exclusively by UPartyQueen
    • Learn to Be a Creator
    • Change Life For You And Your Offspring Permanently
    • Learn The Mastery of Meditation
    • Understand The Meaning of life
    • Find Your Life's Purpose
    • Unlock Personal Freedom
    • Create Both Wealth and Abundance
    • Learn the Hidden Secrets of The Ancient Yoga Masters
    • One On One Training
    • Train With A Shaman Mystic
    • Learn The Art of Sexual Transmutation
    • Free Lifetime Support
    • Cancel At Any Time
  • Angel Donation

    Every month
    Say thank you with an Angel donation!
    • Monthly donation to personally help spread Queen's message
    • 100% goes to fund Queen's work with the community
    • Feel good for sharing your success
    • Cancel any time!
  • UParty Queen Blogs

    Every month
    An inside look at life through the eyes of a shaman
    • Magical stories about energy work, daily life and mysticism
    • Weekly posts and exclusive videos on a plethora of topics
    • VIP access to hidden YouTube uploads
  • Tarot Check-In

    Every month
    Quick tarot read for established customers
    • Great option for updates
    • Good to use to check in to see where you are with a topic
    • Answer a question that we have already started on
    • Helps move you forward faster without paying repeatedly
    • Offers a bit of VIP treatment
    • Great option for if you don't need full readings
    • Zones you in on your manifestations
    • Helps tweak your affirmations to get better faster results
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