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You Are All Welcome To What May Be The Coolest Thing I've Ever Shown You...


My Life!

These blogs are the closest thing to personal I can get! They will be filled with cool adventures and articles made to give the meat between your ears something cool to think about during your week.


Each blog will be a personal story and even perhaps hidden links to YouTube videos that ONLY blog members get! Love nature, gardens, random wild animal coolness, the mysteries behind the universe, thoughts about the soul, relationship ideas, career successes, human kindness, forgiveness and more?


Me too! Join with me on this adventure! Members receive access to all recent (40 max) blogs and the ability to comment and rate the videos. This helps me adjust to what members are looking for both annually and seasonally and allows you all to ask questions in a safe environment and get real answers.


Example: I have great tips and tricks to keep you from losing your mind during the holidays or stressful situations with family. Also, the ever revolving coolness of learning about the laws of the universe and how to expand and be happier, which is my all time favorite topic ever!

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