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Master the ancient art of meditation with this very effective meditation designed for anybody interested in understanding the inner self and flourishing as a soul or simply the inquisitive individual learning to manifest wealth.


Release the dis-ease in your body and mind while expanding into the beautiful human/soul you were meant to be. This easy to understand manifestation meditation was created after listening to other meditations and being disappointed by the creators who were constantly changing them or just couldn't hit that relaxation spot I like to reach to manifest my own personal desires.


This is over 30 minutes of proper breathwork entangled with becoming nothing to obtain and create everything your heart and mind could possibly dream up with soft classical piano in the background.


In a world full of craziness and unclear rules on how to manifest your desires, this is right on time. Sneak away before bed or take a few minutes first thing in the morning to feel that relaxation you crave so much.


  • The Same Meditation UPartyQueen Uses To Manifest Abundance


  • Create An Inner World That Is Peaceful
  • Out Grow Anxiety


  • Find Mental Clarity With Ease
  • Emotional Freedom Meshes With Mental Clarity


  • Allow Your Body Physical Peace
  • Reverse Physical Aging


  • Promote and Extend Healthy Telomeres (DNA)
  • Extend Your Life


  • Get In Touch With Your Soul


  • Learn To Hear Your Inner Voice
  • Use Intuition Easier


  • Develope Psychic or Mystic Abilities
  • Connect With Nature In Self


  • Develop A Sense of Clarity
  • Find Your Reason For Being


This meditation is especially good for anybody who has a hard time trusting enough to relax and let go. It's extra easy but also good enough for the experienced meditator.


*****Can be used after extreme situations in life to help rewire the brain and body back into health.******


Soft female ASMR voice that will allow you to feel relaxed and at ease with a downloadable file to keep and repeat any time.


Use this daily in the morning or evening or during the day but never while driving.


Please respect the art of meditation and understand that using it daily gets better and soon you will notice a clear difference of how you feel. If you have never experienced something this detailed, it will be the best meditation of your life. So much so, I use it daily and created it just for you.


Enjoy the meditation!

Manifestation Meditation

  • MP3 format

    Not for resale


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