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This is where your annual message from the tarot meets with life coaching and remote viewing using all my tools and the Law of Attraction methods. If you need to know what's happening for you over the next year with your personal life, career and more, this is the tarot reading for you!


This message covers a full 12 month period.


Everything read in this session will be unique to your situation and whatever you see that you would like to change we can talk about as if you were a coaching client.


Here are some topics we cover although it's not limited to these:


  • Current or future love possibilities


  • What's got you stuck in life (trauma is not a requirement to get a reading) and how to take the first steps to change it.


  • What's coming up and how to direct things in your path


  • Career changes if any that need to be made, including raises and changes without asking.


  • Clarity for your next 12 months


  • Health concerns


  • What your angels need to tell you



    This reading is done over the phone or on Tik Tok live.


    If you would like to have this 12 month reading over the phone, simply purchase and email or text me to set up an appointment. All appointments happen same day or within 24 hours of ordering

    Annual Tarot Reading

    $333.00 Regular Price
    $222.00Sale Price
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