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Tillandsia Recurvata, aka 'ball moss' are native to the southern United States, sprawling from one side of the US to the other. These plants are easy to grow and will add a beautiful addition to any area of your home or outdoor space. -Free Shipping-


Growing air plants in dryer conditions will require watering these plants 2-3 times per week and in more humid conditions 1-2 times per week. Simply submerge the little plant in some water for a few hours or gently mist the plant repeatedly if you intend on attatching it to something more permanent. 


They enjoy sunlight but are very passive about it, a shaded area works best. Growing them indoors is easy and virtually mess free as air plants need very little care and blossom in the spring or when it's warmest in your house. FREE SHIPPING

Air Plants | Ball Moss | Succulents

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