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Over 30 minutes of stories from UPartyQueen's personal vault brought to life just for you to relax and enjoy ASMR style.


Mostly funny with a twist of 432 htz in the background and a huge splash of personality. If you like listening to audio files that carry you away, start with episode 1 and go from there.


Episode 1 The Grand Piano is shamanic in nature.


Feel free to email and request more on any topic, you may just hear about it in the next episode!


  • 30 minutes with UPartyQueen to download and take with you anywhere


  • Hang out with a wise shaman in the comfort of your own home


  • Inside look at going from nothing to something


  • ASMR Voice that soothes and carries you away in wonder


Easy to download mp3 audio file


classical music in the background 432Htz

Story Time With UPartyQueen Episode 1 The Grand Piano

SKU: Episode 1
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